MeiLin is Chinese and it means "beautiful forest", by which the artist expresses his wishes for all his students to grow into an elegant, beautiful and lush forest.

MeiLin Studio focuses on art education and creation. Classes, custom designed by professional and experienced artist, are age appropriate and devised to inspire the individual student while still keep their own personality in art. Instructor aims to encorage students in finding the beauty in everyday life, and express in the form of painting.

Meilin Studio offers fine art classes for students aged 7 - adult. It currently has classes in the following categories:

Over past years, we have seen many gifted students come through our doors, from beginners to seasoned professionals and being accepted by nation top art schools. We strive to offer our students the best yet appropriate level of artistic education. Students from the Studio have won top prizes continuously over many years in the Minnesota State Fair Education Art Competition, as well as other art competitions.

Contact teacher Yudong Shen at for class information.