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2015 - 6th Bi-Annual Student and Teacher Exhibition

Reception time: Fri. Oct. 16, 2015 5pm
Exhibition time: Fri. Oct. 16 - 18
Location: 800 Boone Ave. N., Golden Valley, MN

2013 - 5th Bi-Annual & 10th Anniversari Student and Teacher Exhibition

Reception time: Fri. Oct. 25, 2013 5:30pm
Exhibition time: Fri. Oct. 25, 5:30 - 7:30pm; Sat. Oct. 26, 9am-6pm; Sun. Oct.27, 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: MeiLin Midway Studio, 800 Transfer Rd., St. Paul, MN. [Get Direction]

2011 - 4th Bi-Annual Student and Teacher Exhibition

2009 - 3rd Bi-Annual Student and Teacher Exhibition
Display at this years exhibit are painting from the students of MeiLin Art Studio as well as instructor, Yudong Shen. The painting and drawings reflect two years of intensive studio work by each of the artists. Media includes watercolor, oil, pencil and Asian ink paintings in close to one hundred works. The exhibition focuses on aesthetic growth and the technical accomplishments of each artist. Work has been chosen for display based on the students' artistic style and command of technique.

These young artists are the cream of the crop in art appreciation and creativity. Students have been recognized in their local school, school districts, and even at the state level. They are the pride of the studio, their school, their parents and friends.

A good painting is measured by its ability to communicate with the viewer. I hope that you will be engaged by the work on display at this years exhibition and share in the accomplishments of the students of the MeiLin Art Studio.

3rd Bi-Annual Art Exhibition

2008 - Pine, Bamboo and Plum
Free exhibit of traditional Chinese landscape and floral brush paintings and calligraphy.

Renowned Chinese artist Yudong Shen's award winning painting, "Sound of Water", represents the many works on display at The Stillwater Art Guild Gallery during Pine, Bamboo and Plum, an exhibit of traditional Chinese brush painting.

The exhibit will feature artists Yudong Shen, Lan-En Wiegert and D Swanson Kleinke, whose graceful paintings of landscapes, floral compositions, and calligraphy emphasize the inseparable connection between Chinese painting, poetry and nature.

2007 - 2nd Bi-Annual Mei Lin Art Studio Students Art Show
This is the second Bi-Annual Student Art Exhibition.

2nd Bi-Annual Art Exhibition

2005 - 1st Bi-Annual Mei Lin Art Studio Students Art Show
This is the first Student Art Show.